Outreach before the launch of the Women's Boat is important not merely to raise funds but also to raise awareness. The more individuals that are watching the boat, the safer the women passengers will be.

If you would like to schedule an event, contact Susan Kerin at  We will post upcoming events on this page.

Upcoming Events

 August 12  Women's Boat to Gaza Presentation (Ann Wright)


Veterans for Peace National Convention (Berkeley)

August 7                Women's Boat to Gaza Presentation (Ann Wright)
 (POSTPONED) Green Mountain Solidarity with Palestine
  Unitarian Church, Montpelier, VT


Past Events 

  March 14  Women's Boat to Gaza Fundraiser, All Souls Unitarian Church, New York, New York
 March 5-8  Womens Boat To Gaza Launch Events
  • March 5 -- Launch Event, Messina, Italy
  • March 6 -- Launch Event, Barcelona, Spain (7 pm)
  • March 7 -- Launch Event, Catania, Italy (7 pm)
  • March 8 -- Launch Event, Messina and Palermo
 February 17


   Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Australia National University
   Canberra, Australia
 February 1  
   Palestinian Solidarity Group, University of Hawaii-Manoa
  Honolulu, Hawaii
 January 31  
   Quaker House
  Honolulu, Hawaii
 January 21  
   University of Hawaii, Hilo
   Hilo, Hawaii
 January 17  
   Revolution Books
   Honolulu, Hawaii